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English Sanskrit Dictionary
Author: B.D. Mulgaokar
Publisher: Gopal Narain & Co.
Sl No.: 116
Hindi Scientific Glossary
Author: S.D. Pandey
Publisher: The Indian Press Ltd., Allahabad
Sl No.: 117
Students English Sanskrit Dictionary
Author: Vaman Shivram Apte
Publisher: Radha Bai Atmaram Sagoon, Bombay.
Sl No.: 124
Students Prartical Dictionary
Author: - - -
Publisher: Ram Narain Lal, Allahabad
Sl No.: 115
The Students Practical Dictionary
Author: - - -
Publisher: Ramnarayan Lal Publisher And Bookseller, Allahabad
Sl No.: 70
The Twentieth Century English Hindi Dictionary
Author: Sukhsampatti Rai Bhandari
Publisher: Dictionary Publishing House Brahmpur, Ajmer
Sl No.: 123

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